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Saturday, March 29, 2014 |

I had a pair of tall apothecary jars on the dining table, and it got a little awkward if more than one person was sitting across from one another-- poking our heads around the jars to see one another.

Getting some inspiration from these, I had enough to make two bowls for less than $20.

How? It's just some rope, hot glue, and spray paint! (So obviously, don't put actual food in this bowl!)

But it is pretty.

Although this project was super easy, I did have some issues with that whole science-y chemistry-ish bonding thing at first. The rope I used was made from polypropylene. What that is, I have no idea, but I do know that it means only hot glue will work for this project if using that kind of rope. (It's smoother than the "ratty" type of rope that would make for a cool project, just not for a spray painted bowl on a kitchen table.) So when trying it out for the first time, all of my fingers were stuck together with crazy glue and I still had this rope that was in no way the shape of a bowl. So now we know. You're welcome.

PS-I think these bowls could make an awesome gift--fill it with some little kitchen tools, cute towels or try different molds and colors for a nesting bowl set!

DIY Rope Bowl

what it is:

a centerpiece bowl made from rope and spray painted for a cheap and easy upgrade for your room or home!

stress level: 

low--by using a bowl for the "mold" you don't have to worry about the bowl being uneven or wobbly! Took about 1 hour in total start to finish.

what you need:

  • rope (I ordered this off Amazon)
  • large bowl
  • hot glue gun
  • scissors
  • spray paint (Fellow Chicago friends who can't buy spray paint anywhere within city limits, order online. Life changing and super obvious, I know.) 
  • masking/painter's tape

the how-to:

1. Take the end of the rope and begin to make a very tight and flat coil. Use the hot glue to secure the coil together, making sure to hold the pieces together until dry.

2. Using a mixing bowl or other kind of bowl as a mold, begin to coil the rope around in the shape of the bowl and continue to glue the rope together to make your bowl.

3. Pick off any excess dried hot glue that is exposed.

4. Remove the mixing bowl when completed and cut rope. To keep the ends from unraveling, use some masking/painter's tape at the end of the bowl and pinch it off. (It will look great once you spray paint it!)

5. Spray paint bowl in the color of your choice and allow to dry. Beautiful!

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  1. This looks so professional. Thanks so much for linking up to our Link It or Lump It party!

    Amy @

  2. I'm a bowl,basket's addict so tough luck, I had to pin this one!!!

  3. I like your version better than the inspiration! I will be trying this as soon as I can find a suitable bowl to use (none of my current ones are big enough :)).


    1. Why thank you! Good luck with the bowl search, the one I used is just a large plastic mixing bowl.



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