4 Ways to Create Perfect Kitchen Ambience {guest post}

Wednesday, April 30, 2014 |

At the perfect timing during the midst of my last law school finals EVER, Zillow contacted me about doing a guest post on tips for kitchen ambience. How great is it when a kitchen is welcoming and a space people actually want to hang out in?

Check out Emily's tips and tricks and I'll see you all on the other side (that would be as someone who has *barring any unforeseen circumstances that I cannot even begin to think about* completed law school.) 

4 Ways to Create Perfect Kitchen Ambience

By Emily Creswick of Zillow

In the home, ambience is achievable through a balance of design elements and tailored styles that appeal to the senses. The kitchen is the heart of a home and its ambience brings families and friends together to socialize and share a meal.

Not only does quality kitchen design appeal to residents and guests, it also makes a home more attractive to buyers when it comes time to sell. Buyers place a large portion of their purchasing decision of the appeal and functionally of a kitchen because post-purchase improvements are costly. The level of ambience is important in order to stand out on the Chicago buyers’ market. Here are four ways to create an aspirational, welcoming kitchen ambiance.

photo via Zillow Digs (aka sadly not my kitchen)
1. Lighting

Proper lighting is necessary in kitchens where residents work with sharp knives and hot surfaces. Fluorescent lighting is harsh and unattractive, so update with softer bulbs. Add dimmer switches where possible to accommodate the different moods of cooking and socializing. In a large kitchen, add track lighting (adjustable ceiling lighting fitted on tracks) to highlight and illuminate specific architectural qualities. For a smaller kitchen, task lighting (located underneath cupboards or cabinets) teamed with reflective accessories, such as stainless steel appliances or light-colored counter tops, make the space feel larger and more welcoming.

2. Aroma

A clean-smelling kitchen creates an uplifting and lively ambience. Keep tidy and hygienic by ensuring the trash is taken out regularly and fresh foods are stored correctly. For a fresh-smelling sink, add lemon slices to the garbage disposal. Finally, create appetizing kitchen ambience by cooking aromatic meals. Get creative with new dishes and recipes. Cooking fills the home with delicious aromas and entices family and friends to come together.

3. Comfort

A kitchen with ample seating and inviting elements creates a welcoming mood. For a larger kitchen, add bar stools to the outside of the main counter or island to encourage people to gather and socialize before meals. In a smaller kitchen, dedicate an area of the counter to remain clutter free so residents and guests don’t feel cramped in the space. Draw people to the desired area of the kitchen or dining room by serving platters of appetizers. Make guests feel special with unique or personalized table settings and a decorative bouquet centerpiece.

4. Tone

Use color to influence moods and character into the kitchen. Shades of red and yellow inspire healthy appetites while soft hues such as white or beige symbolize cleanliness. According to Feng Shui style guides, pale blue creates a soothing, relaxing vibe and green promotes digestion. Add pops of color through seating upholstery, kitchenware and backsplashes. Lastly, play soft music in the background to set the mood. Jazz or contemporary music is perfect for a dinner party while classical music is ideal for an intimate family or romantic couple dinner. The style of entrée might even influence the selection of music. Be sure to keep the volume low enough to comfortably hold conversations.

The balanced mixture of visual elements, delicious smells, warm lighting and mellow music creates ideal ambience in any kitchen. For more kitchen design ideas visit Zillow Digs

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  1. Great tips :) I enjoy my tiny kitchen, but definitely can't wait for the day that I can build my dream kitchen. I will be taking all of these into consideration then and now!

    1. Right? I have a tiny kitchen as well, and I agree, filing it all away for later! :)



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